Faith and Belief

We want to provide pupils with a rich insight into the wide variety of faith communities that exist in Peterborough so that we are developing in our children harmonious relationships between individuals and groups. The values and beliefs of the Christian religion to be a particular emphasis as this is the predominant faith within our community. Within this context we strongly promote and celebrate the cultural and religious diversity that exists in our community. RE offers opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development. We want children to learn from the different religions, beliefs, traditions and values that exist in our community. We want to promote discernment and enable our children to combat prejudice. The best way to do this is to let the principles of RE to permeate all that we do, to integrate RE into our cross curricula, themed topic approach and seek out every opportunity to promote the values we prioritise in our school so that children become responsible citizens and confident individuals.

Faith and belief is assessed as a domain as a whole.

In faith and belief we cover all the major religions particularly focusing on religions from the local community, within this we cover religious customs and major religious celebrations that occur throughout the year.  In year groups topics we cover morals for example right and wrong in the crime topic (5 and 6) We aim to support local charities and this is covered in the disaster topic/harvest festival. Faith and belief also covers different cultures for example The Latin America topic.  Faith and belief also covers some historical religions and customs such as in the Egyptian topic.

We aim to also cover religions outside the local area, eg, Chinese new year and Holi and link with religious leaders within the city and allow year groups to visit places of worship. We aim to celebrate children’s religions and beliefs and would like to have religious experts to teach others of their cultures.

Christmas Around The World 2015

During our Faith and Belief sessions we have been looking at how different countries celebrate Christmas.
All of the work that we have created was on display in St Pauls Church, New England.
Here is a video of us in action.

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