Snow and bad weather policy

The Fulbridge Academy
Bad Weather and Gritting Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Health and Safety and Risk assessment

It is the responsibility of the Governing Body to ensure that procedures are in place to keep the school site safe in all weather conditions. This responsibility will be managed by the
Headteacher and discharged by the Site Manager.
It is the responsibility of all staff to make themselves aware of the implications of this policy
and do all they can to keep themselves safe.

This policy aims to
• Identify the risks arising out of inclement weather
• Establish control procedures to reduce identified risks during such conditions

In the event of frost, ice, snow or other weather conditions that make walking unsafe, the
Site Manager will:
• Assess the emerging risk and initiate risk assessment
• Identify the safest route to enter the school
• Place warning signs to inform users of danger
• Grit the surfaces on the allocated route into school to reduce the risk of falling
• Direct all site users to follow that route by placing cones as indicators
• Monitor the surface at appropriate intervals to ensure that the directed walkway
remains safe
• Advise the Head or his/her representative before leaving the site of the current state
of the pathways
• A recorded assessment (signed and dated) to show due diligence is necessary
(The school must not treat any areas of pathways that are not part of the school grounds and
it is not practically possible to treat all parts of the school grounds)

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. The Principal:

The Principal will

• Retain day to day responsibility for ensuring a safe environment
• Meet regularly with the Site Manager and Health and Safety representatives (Governor
 Premises Committee and LA Site Officer) to ensure that the policy is being
 implemented and that it is effective in reducing risk to an acceptable level

2. The Site Manager

The Site Manager will

• Be aware of the policy and implement it as necessary
• Ensure that all resources are maintained to support the implementation

3. Health and safety Representatives
 The representatives will
• Monitor the implementation of the policy and advise the Headteacher of any necessary

4. School Staff

It is the responsibility of all staff to:
• Be familiar with this policy and follow the directions within it
• Warn pupils of the danger and remind them where to walk

5. The Governors
  The Governors will discharge their duty of care through the Governors Premises Committee
 who will monitor this policy and confirm or modify it on an annual basis

• The Principal will receive advice from the Governors Premises Committee, the Site
Manager and the Enterprise Site Officer
• The Principal will report directly to the Governors Premises Committee 

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