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Thank you for visiting our website. This page provides information about the Free School applications that Arthur Mellows Village College (AMVC) and ourselves, The Fulbridge Academy, are submitting to the Department for Education to build two new schools at Paston Reserve; one primary school and one secondary school. These schools are being built to meet the need for new school places for students from the Paston Reserve development currently being built and also to provide for the predicted shortage of school places across Peterborough in the future. Both schools will be members of The Four Cs Academy Trust which is a new Multi Academy Trust being formed by AMVC (secondary) in partnership with the Fulbridge Academy (primary). 

The primary school, called Manor Drive Academy (primary phase) is due to open in 2018 with a nursery and 2 reception classes. Further information about this school can be found on the Fulbridge website.

The secondary school, called Manor Drive Academy (secondary phase) is due to open in 2019 with Year 7 only. Initially it will have 5 forms of entry, rising to 8 forms of entry in subsequent years. It will have a Sixth Form opening in 2024. The school will share a lot in common with AMVC; its values, its standards and its aspirations for learning and student’s achievement. 
Please click here to visit Arthur Mellows Village College for further information about this school.

We are still at an early stage in our design and planning but we will update this webpage with additional information as it becomes available. Please find below links to relevant policies and documentation. 

Click here to view an article in the Peterborough Telegraph.


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