Visiting Us

Welcoming Visitors 

We, at Fulbridge, are very happy to welcome visitors and guests to our school. 
We feel privileged that we have guests who travel to us from around the country and indeed more recently the world. 

The Fulbridge Academy 

We are an outstanding school in an area of high deprivation. Our learning environment both indoors and outdoors is inspirational. Corridors are awash with stimulating scenes, life size-models, artefacts and memorabilia.

It is a place that makes you long for childhood. We have devised a bespoke, creative curriculum that suits all children, no matter what their social or cultural background. The progress our children make year on year is our main statistical strength. 

The immersive learning experiences we offer the children provide exciting and memorable lessons. Lessons that encourage imagination and an open minded and questioning attitude to learning and knowledge. This results in a curriculum that, “Engages children’s attention, excites and empowers their thinking and advances their knowledge, understanding and skill.”


Should you wish to visit us please do email with your requirements. If we are able to share our practise with you we will always try to do so in a way which best suits your needs. 

Please see below what we are able to offer. Some options are free and some carry a small charge to cover supply costs, planning and admin time. We aspire to make your day with us one that you get the greatest benefit from. 

Option 1. 
A visit to the school for up to a full day:

  • A brief introductory talk from a senior member of staff
  • A tour from either a member of staff or pupils 
  • Time to freely wander around the school and visit lessons. 
  • Finish with a questions session with a member of the SLT

Maximum number of guests- 10 on any day. 

Free- There is no charge for this option. 

Lunch* is available at £3 per person.
Hospitality Refreshments* included 

Option 2. 
A visit to the school which includes:

  • a brief talk from a member of senior staff
  • a tour of the school
  • time to freely wander around and visit lessons. 
  • 1-2 hours of time meeting with a lead practitioner eg- assessment, creativity, teaching and learning, English lead, Maths lead etc.. This time can be used for questions, discussion, support in planning etc and can be dictated by yourself. 

 Cost       Lead Practitioners Time            Lunch* (Optional)      
       Half Day - £25 per visitor       1 hour £3 per visitor
 Full Day - £40 per visitor  2 hours Free

Free Hospitality Refreshments* included 

Option 3. 
A bespoke day at Fulbridge to suit your needs and requirements. 

As well as a tour, talk and time to freely wander we are able to create a planned programme for you for the day. This may include a presentation from a senior member of staff with full discussion, support and questions based on the theme of your choice. Eg. Curriculum planning, creative approach etc. 
The day will be planned and agreed before arrival and will also include hospitality refreshments* and a lunch*. If there are 10 or more visitors on any one day we will also make available our conference room for your visit.

Cost       Lead Practitioners Time             Lunch* (Optional)      
       Half day- £40 per visitor        All morning or afternoon Free
Full day- £60 per visitor All day Free

Hot Dinner and Dessert 
Tuna, Cheese or Egg Baguette with Salad 

(Hot and cold buffets are available for big groups at an extra cost) 

*Hospitality Refreshments 
Tea and Coffee

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